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Sebastian Mangelkramer

"Creating outstanding solutions is not just a question of technology - rather, it is also a question of will and ability - and I want to - and I can. I look forward to your challenges."


Sebastian is a passionate consultant and DevOps/SRE engineer with the drive of an entrepreneur. He has more than 20 years of experience in the professional IT industry. Sebastian is one of the two founders of FullStackS GmbH along with Philipp.

He is mainly driven by enablement and creating added value for customers. He knows how to translate problems and challenges into solutions.

Sebastian's resume includes various positions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a senior technical engineer as well as in an advisory role as a consultant. At the age of 21, Sebastian was already a lecturer at the summer school of the HTW Chur (CH) in the field of information & content management.

Furthermore, as a passionate enabler of people and public speaker, Sebastian lives a real "giveback"

in and at the IT & OpenSource community as various Public Talks prove.

Public Talks

ONEedgeDay 2022 , Virtual

Container Orchestration in the Edge at scale

SUSECON21 , Virtual

Managing large-scale Kubernetes deployments on the edge with OpenNebula, Rancher and K3s [CAS1049]

ADV Tagung 2020 Containerisierung, Marriott, Wien

Talk zu Kubernetes, Cloud-Native und Best-Practices

OpenNebulaConf 2019, Barceló Sants,  Barcelona

Talk zu Lessons-Learned, 6 years + with OpenNebula, Community Giveback

future thinking 2016, Darmstadtium,  Darmstadt

Datacenter aus Sicht eines ISP, Lessons Learned als Datacenter Verantwortlicher

Diverse, weitere Tech-Talks

  • Opening TeleData Center, Immenstaad, Deutschland

  • OpenNebula TechDay 2019, Wien, Österreich

  • diverse Expert-Talks zu DC-Themen in D,A und CH

  • diverse Datacenter WebCasts 

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