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Announcement: New Partnership Mondoo and FullStackS

Mondoo, a company that offers an autonomous Full-Stack security platform, has announced a strategic and exclusive partnership with FullStackS, a leader in DevOps, Cloud-Native and digital transformation. Together, they aim to provide organizations of all sizes with a cloud, Kubernetes, infrastructure-as-code (IaC), and Security-as-Code (SaC) solution that is best-in-class and can equip customers with superior capabilities to build highly efficient, automated, and secure infrastructures. 


Through this partnership, customers will be able to benefit from the combined expertise of Mondoo’s extensible Security Posture Management (xSPM) and FullStackS's excellent expertise in Cloud, Kubernetes, Platform Ops, App-Modernization and IaC. This will enable organizations to secure their cloud infrastructure and workloads without hampering the speed or agility of their application development teams. The joint offerings will also provide customers with enhanced visibility and protection of their cloud, k8s, and dev-ops workloads, streamlined procurement, and simplified deployment.

The Why? and How? About Mondoo and FullStackS

FullStackS offers a wide range of consulting and integration services with a focus on application performance monitoring / observability and management, as well as automation of workloads at the edge, in the core, and in the cloud. FullStackS is a trusted partner for digital transformation and can help modernize applications from monoliths to containers and microservices while keeping your business goals in focus.


Mondoo is a leader in extensible Security Posture Management (xSPM), providing a comprehensive IT security, risk, and compliance platform using the revolutionary security-as-code approach. The Mondoo platform can uncover vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, as well as compliance violations across all infrastructure layers like Cloud, Kubernetes, containers, VMware, Windows, Linux, or macOS before an attacker can exploit them. It also integrates with the existing DevOps workflow (pipeline) to implement IT security and compliance requirements early in the development cycles. Together, FullStackS and Mondoo bring together two of the most trusted, innovative, and forward-thinking companies in the DevOps and Security industry. Their expertise will provide customers with the tools and know-how they need to achieve digital success.

With this partnership, the entire FullStackS team is aiming to implement future customer projects full of innovation and collaboration at the highest level.

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