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Deliver - How is the software system delivered on the platform?

What good is the most beautiful, best and safest software if it cannot be rolled out efficiently into production?

That's what we take care of at deliver stopover, of course with the background of our principles such as automation, traceability, reproducibility and immutability .

What can I expect from this stopover?

The Deliver stopover includes the following topics:

  • Staging & GRC

  • UAT & CDCT

  • Testing & Data Management

  • Scans & Policies

  • Configuration

  • Artifacts

This stopover is based on the 12-Factor app methodology  and expands it to include our wealth of experience on the topics mentioned. However, we do not pursue a "one-size-fits-all" approach, but have developed different reference models for different target groups. We then adapt these reference models specifically to the customers’ specific needs.

The big advantage here is that we immediately have a starting point that is iteratively adapted to the current context. So it's basically a combination of the best features of already implemented solutions and a greenfield approach .

Why should I stop at this stop?

This stopover realizes our principles and our TAO towards software development and software operation:

  • pragmatism

  • Automation through codification

  • Versioning through codification

  • Immutability

  • Workflows, not technologies

  • Resilient systems

  • Simple, modular, composable

  • Expand cloud-native maturity

For us, the points mentioned are not marketing buzzwords, but rather enable our customers to have a clear competitive advantage in the delivery and operation of software, thanks to the achievement of:

  • Higher software quality through automation at all levels

  • More synergies between development, operations, security and (acceptance) testing

  • Simplified integration of new features and accelerated continuous delivery of releases in full consideration of existing GRC requirements

  • Constant and continuous improvements

How does this stopover work?

The most essential step is to introduce automation at every level, from infrastructure to scanning and testing to everything-as-code software delivery.

Immutable artifacts and semantic versioning provide significant support. Because this enables comprehensive reproducibility and traceability .

Many of our customers need to be able to intervene manually in the delivery process at any time. We therefore always develop corresponding processes with the principle of “ automated and continuous delivery whenever possible, but with defined exit points ”.

Once the outlined step has been taken, it is then easily possible to introduce changes step by step, for example using canary releases or feature flagging .

In order to deepen this topic even further, in the next blog post we will go into what GitOps is, how it helps to achieve the points mentioned and how this can be ideally implemented with ArgoCD .

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