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Since ZEP, a time tracking tool company, had an on-premises infrastructure mixed with a monolithic application, they wanted to make the next move towards modern digitalization and approached FullStackS with a request to re-evaluate their infrastructure and application to get to a state of the art architecture. Within a period of 3 months they moved their on-premises infrastructure to the AWS Cloud for the successful go-live.

Initially, ZEP wanted to drive their company towards a higher state of digitalization. The management decided to take this step and with that reached out to FullStackS to help them with this challenge. At first it was hard for FullStackS to show how modernizing the IT Infrastructure could help with reaching business specific goals. After some workshops with the management team and also the engineers, everyone was aware of the positive outcome the digitalization will have to the business. From there on the goal of the project was clear and everyone was working towards this common goal.

The technical solution

ZEP approached FullStackS to advise them on the challenge of restructuring their application and infrastructure. The goal was to modernize the application to be scalable on an Cloud Native guidelines based Infrastructure. 

FullStackS are known for their experience and speed of implementation, having a lot a certified and track record proven Engineers who will work together with the customer very closely. 

For an application management platform Kubernetes and Rancher was used. Since there are a lot of factors to look at when building an Kubernetes platform, one also has to choose something for the underlying infrastructure. Since FullStackS already has good experience with AWS, it was clear to use services from AWS to complete the digital transformation. 

ZEP GmbH are running their AWS services in Frankfurt region. They’re mainly using EKS, EC2 and RDS to run their customer facing services. Additionally SQS, SES, Lambda, S3 and Route53 are in use to support their main workloads. 


About the customer, ZEP

ZEP GmbH is a provider of B2B SaaS solutions. The company has been in existence for more than 20 years and now has more than 25 employees serving over 1,700 customers. The ZEP software offers everything to do with digital time tracking and much more. ZEP can be used for standard working time tracking as well as controlling and billing for complex project business. With the modular SaaS product ZEP, solutions can be offered for a wide variety of needs. The ZEP Compact & Professional programs digitize project-based time tracking including travel expense accounting, offer management, invoicing and project controlling. ZEP Clock is the product for pure working time tracking with clocking in and out, vacation management, compliance with statutory minimum break.

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Excellent results

After 3 months of working side by side, the digitalisation project was successfully completed. Since then the platform is running just the way it should be. Additionally, it’s also worth mentioning that FullStackS are working closely together to ZEP to constantly improve the platform and to assist if help needed.

About the AWS partner, FullStackS

FullStackS offer a wide range of consulting and integration services with a focus on application performance monitoring and management, as well as automation of workloads at the edge, in the core and in the cloud. FullStackS’ consultative approach helps end users minimise operational risks, optimise application performance and gain visibility into their IT infrastructure.

As an AWS partner, FullStackS can fulfil customers’ business expectations with the relevant competencies, certifications and design skills.

"Collaborating with ZEP has consistently been a delightful experience. As an AWS partner, we're not only equipped to cater to unique client needs but also have had the opportunity to assist ZEP in various areas, including infrastructure as code, security, and architecture. These efforts have positioned ZEP for a promising future. Scaling solutions to align with specific demands can be a complex task, yet our partnership with AWS has allowed us to enhance business growth while minimizing risk. The success we've seen with ZEP is inspiring, and we're excited about continuing our partnership, offering our expertise and support for their ongoing success."

- Daniel Drack, FullStackS,

Senior DevOps / SRE Engineer

“FullStackS helped us transition the hosting of our data to a scalable cloud platform and has worked with us to expand it ever since. The support we received was always quick and helpful.”


Christian Bopp 


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