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Innovative and future-proof through IT resources "On Demand"! 

Lack of infrastructure automation often leads to a lack of agility and the emergence of "shadow IT".


FullStackS automates your data center and forms an elastic and automated resource pool from all your physical and virtual IT resources - your private cloud. 

IT resources such as VMs can be provisioned compliantly and in seconds - no matter where.

FullStackS relies on OpenNebula in this area. OpenNebula is the leading enterprise cloud management platform and offers you flexibility, simplicity as well as vendor independence across clouds and data centers. FullStackS is a certified Advanced OpenNebula Service Partner.


The setup of a FullStackS OpenNebula based hybrid / private cloud is based on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and offers from "Day 1" a future-proof and supporting cloud platform with self-service and APIs for integration into your processes. In the area of data center automation, "state of the art" technologies such as HashiCorp Terraform, Vault and Consul are used.

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