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Kubernetes Trainings

FullStackS - the right partner for Kubernetes

We are CNCF Silver Member!


We offer a wide range of trainings on Kubernetes. These can be conducted remotely or on-site. In these trainings, we bring you and your engineers to the respective targeted know-how level with the help of best practice examples and real (test) environments. Basically, we offer training for three different skill levels:


k8s 101

"I work in the IT industry, I want to get to know k8s and find out what it can help me with."


road to CKA

"I have worked with k8s before and would like to prepare myself or my team for the CKA exam."


deep dive

"I am Experienced k8s admin/developer and need help on a specific section"

Key Facts

Duration: 1 day

Contents: What can k8s do? What can k8s help me with? How does k8s work roughly?

Suitable for technicians, developers and digitization managers.

Outcome: Functions and uses of k8s are known.

The Training offer k8s 101 is the perfect preparation for training offer road to CKA.

Key Facts

Duration: 3-5 days

Content: Hands on focus on the official CKA curriculum; preparation for the CKA exam. 

Suitable for Platform Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Developers

Outcome: Intermediate level certification

With the training offer road to CKA the knowledge is acquired, which is essential for a positive completion of the CKA examination.

Key Facts

Duration: half day/full day

Contents: specific topics or questions about the topic k8s

Suitable for experienced Kubernetes admins, specific help on a product is needed.

Outcome: Know how building in a specific K8s subarea.

In the deep dive training offer, specific questions about k8s are clarified in a one-on-one session.

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