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02/2023 CNCF Membership

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

FullStackS is a proud Silver Member of CNCF since 01.02.2023!

Our journey began in early 2021 with a crystal clear focus: to become the authority on Cloud Native and DevOps in the enterprise environment for the DACH market.

We see ourselves as a guide through the increasingly complex 1,000-piece OpenSource puzzle and help our customers to make the right decisions for their individual use cases. We gained a lot of experience over the last few years and pass this on to our customers. In addition to the commercial aspect, we also want to give back to the very important community. Besides contributing our technical expertise, it was a logical step to make the partnership and our commitment to the CNCF official - as a Silver Member with the clear goal of being able to contribute our positive energy and technical skills in a valuable way.

Today, open source technologies are more important than ever for the professional operation of IT in companies or institutions from any sector and of any size. Only through the focused and value-adding use of new technologies is it possible to achieve the innovations that are needed to compete in the marketplace in the long term.

In particular, we see the adoption of Kubernetes as currently a major change in classic IT. Through the mass switch to containerized applications, our customers are gaining massive velocity and can compete with the increasingly fast-paced market and swim at the top.

We support the entire life cycle of an application delivery platform, which enables development, deployment and secure operation and provides maximum long-term value. The first step is always an analysis of the existing infrastructure, the short-, medium- and long-term objectives and the framework parameters to be taken into account, such as regulatory requirements. Then we take care of detailed topics such as compute location and cross-divisional strategies. With this knowledge, we can define the appropriate tooling together with our client.

Downstream of our highly professional consulting approach, we implement and service this platform with and for our clients. As a CNCF member, we can also lead the training of our customers on the official learning tracks and thus help to spread the expert knowledge around cloud native technologies.



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