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FullStackS Recognized in 2024 Splunk Partner Awards

Las Vegas – June 11, 2024 – FullStackS GmbH , announced it has received the 2024 EMEA Regional Emerging Partner of the Year for exceptional performance and commitment to their Splunk partnership.

“Congratulations to FullStackS GmbH for being named the EMEA Regional Emerging Partner of the Year” said Gretchen O’Hara, Vice President, Worldwide Partners and Alliances, Splunk. 

EMEA Regional Emerging Partner of the Year recognizes a global Splunk partner that recognizes a (AMER/EMEA/APAC/PBST) partner who, in the early stages of their Splunk partnership, has created a thriving business for their organization by delivering exceptional value to their customers using Splunk products and services. This partner is highly engaged and ramping up to expand into multiple routes to market with Splunk.

For more information on Splunk’s partnerships, visit the Splunk website.


"The 2024 Splunk Partner Awards recognize partners like FullStackS GmbH for outstanding performance and innovation and celebrate the joint success that helps customers build resilience and solve day-to-day challenges. Together, we are focused on delivering continuous value to our joint customers."


The Splunk Partner Awards recognize dedicated global and regional partners who demonstrate a steadfast commitment to collaboration and innovation in their Splunk partnership to help customers achieve positive business outcomes and accelerate their mission to better the world. All award recipients were selected by a group of the Splunk executives, theater leaders and the global partner organization.

Together with customers and partners, FullStackS as full-spectrum cloud native consultancy, is constantly fast growing and developing. With people and expertise, the portfolio is expanding, especially in the area of Splunk, which FullStackS now fully covers with the best Splunk architects in Europe as a logical consequence of DevOps and PlatformOps as well as the App Journey.

In addition to the important topic of O11Y, this also includes the classic Splunk topics of Security/SIEM, ITSI and Platform.

FullStackS as awarded Splunk Partner is offering customers new opportunities and is again demonstrating the unique consistency with which they are pursuing their vision.

June, 2024




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